Visiting Us:

Before you come

Please take the time to read as much of this site as you can before making arrangements to visit the TEC studio in Irvine.   This site was designed to answer as many of your questions as possible before making contact with Ms. Cynthia.     You can save time for both of us time by using your contact time for questions that can not be answered by this site.

Please note that she does not have a receptionist to handle visitors or phone calls while she is teaching.   Please email her or leave a message on her phone so that she can contact you at her earliest convenience.  She very much appreciates receiving your messages.   This also means that you will need to make arrangements with her before you visit the studio in person.

Observation by New Students

New students and their parents are encouraged to make an appointment with Ms. Cynthia for observing lessons in the studio.   It is recommended that new students observe several times before enrolling in the program.   For the best experience please make appointments with her so that you can see the most relevant students.   As mentioned earlier, reading as much of this site as possible will assist you in making the best use of your time in the interview process.

 Please be as considerate as possible of the student who is receiving instruction.   If you still have more questions than Ms. Cynthia can answer while giving instruction to her students you are encouraged to email her or call after the observation.

Observation by the Public

Members of the public are welcome to observe students in our program.   If possible please check our Blog and Calendar for opportunities to see performances and presentations.   We have a growing body of videos on YouTube that are open to everyone who is interested.   Ms. Cynthia recommends coming to a Group Lesson to get a general over view of what children can do at various levels of instructional experience. We welcome the interest of the public in Dr. Suzuki's wonderful philosophy of educating children.

Please keep in mind that both the studio and Group Lesson environment has limited space and seating.   Please be sure to let her know how many people are coming to visit for any one appointment.


  1. Please make an appointment
  2. Make sure you get the directions several days in advance.   Ms. Cynthia does not usually interrupt a lesson to answer the phone
  3. If possible, Come on time so you can observe a Lesson from the beginning.
  4. Give young children enough time to use the rest room so their time will not be interrupted.
  5. We remove shoes and leave them in the shoe box (so no one will trip on them) to keep the floors as clean as possible in the Irvine studio.
  6. Come in as quietly as you can and find a place to sit, even if the lesson is already started.  Please do not wait out in the hall.
  7. Please try to be as considerate as possible of the student and their parent.
  8. If you bring a young child be sensitive to their attention span.   If you would like to see more please feel free to make another appoint so you can stay longer.
  9. If you have a question that involves a long discussion please contact Ms. Cynthia after leaving the lesson when she has more time to visit with you.



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