Membership in the TEC Studio

Membership Tuition vs Non-Membership

Studying violin as a member of the studio is a much more affordable and reliable mode of study.  It is designed for students who wish to set goals and make meaningful progress.  Members of the studio have privileges and social access to other Suzuki students in the studio.  Ms. Cynthia invites students of all ages to become members of this community in her studio.   See New Members

Individually scheduled instruction on a case by case basis charged by the hour is more expensive than by the year or per quarter.  It is suited for students who want a limited or specific type of instruction with students who are not interested in activities with other students.  Occasionally Suzuki students come to study at TEC while visiting in Orange County on summer vacation while taking a few lessons.

Levels of Membership in the Studio


PreTwinkle Class  * Initial Registration per student $60.

Small Group Lesson with 2-4 children accompanied by one parent, ages 3-4 with parent participation.  scheduled on Saturday mornings from 9:00

$200. every 12 weeks     * 30 min. weekly instruction 

Private Instruction with Parent * Initial Registration per student $80.

for 1 child with parent:

$300. every 12 weeks   *  30 min. weekly instruction

Private Instruction Ages 5 and up

These are the levels of instruction recommended for students of these ages.

Age 5-8 or Book I-II * Initial Registration per student $80.

Private Instruction with parent assistance:

 $300. every 12 weeks   *  30 min. weekly instruction

Age 9-12 or Book II-III * Initial Registration per student $100.

Private Instruction with parent assistance:

 $450. every 12 weeks   *  45 min. weekly instruction

High School or Book IV and up * Initial Registration per student $150.

Private Instruction :

 $600. every 12 weeks   *  60 min. weekly instruction


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Non-Members, Instruction by the Hour

Recommended for students who are visiting the Studio for less than 12 weeks or student who would like to take workshops with Ms. Cynthia during summer vacation in Orange County.   Students need to contact Ms. Cynthia at least one week prior to instruction.   Classes must be scheduled around students who have  committed weekly lessons as members.  

Please let her know what pieces and books you are working in and what you would like help with.   Private workshops can be arranged to assist students with specific technical aspects of violin playing.

45 minutes -  $60

Recommended for students age 5-8

60 minutes- $80.

Recommended for students ages 9 and up or adults.

Private Instruction in the Home

Occasionally, I receive inquiries from people who would like to know if I could provide instruction in their homes.    Private instruction is available to students who are unable to come to the studio.

Tuition must cover teaching time which is lost for one student before and one student after depending on the amount of time it takes to travel from my studio to your location in addition to your own lesson tuition.   Ms. Cynthia must not only load her car with materials needed but also be able to cover  the cost of  fuel, repairs and insurance for the car.   In addition she is still paying rent for her studio where she usually teaches and keeps her equipment whether you use it or not..

Parents must still be present for the instruction of young students.  Ms. Cynthia does not do child care.

Web Cam Instruction

Instruction is available via web cam using your Skype account.  This is an ideal mode of instruction for students who can not make their weekly lesson.   Tuition depends whether you choose to be a member of the studio or pay by the hour.  See more details on the tuition schedule page.

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