Students who contribute to the life of this studio are very much appreciated.   You make it possible for Ms. Cynthia to create a community of Musical Parenting and Musical Peers and Mentors for the musicians in your family.  

You also support a teacher who has a commitment to giving back to the Orange County community by providing instruction for under-served children who would not otherwise have access to a Suzuki Teacher with training from Dr. Suzuki.   Your enthusiasm and support  for the TEC program is very much appreciated by many more than you realize.

Non-Members only

Tuition is due at the lesson when the lesson is scheduled.

Payment by cash or check can be accepted in person.  

Pay-pal can be used by on line students who are non-members.   In this case payment must be received 2 days before the scheduled lesson.

New Students

Initial Registration

Membership in the studio is based on year round participation with out a break in tuition payment.  New students are asked to pay an Initial Registration Fee depending on their level of instruction.   If  a student chooses to end their membership and regular study by not paying tuition for any length of time they will need to pay the Initial Registration again to reinstate themselves at a Book or age appropriate Membership Level.  


Tuition is due one week before the start of every 12 week session

Please see the Tuition Calendar.   Four 12 week session or quarters are marked on the calendar as Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.   There are 4 weeks of official break when the studio is closed.  They coincide with  Winter break, Spring Break and one Summer Break.   All other absences can be made up during times when the studio is open.

Students who can not afford to pay in one lump sum at the beginning of each quarter may pay in 3 installments which are marked on the Calendar with A, B and C.  They are due one week before instruction starts.  Please mark these on your check so that Ms. Cynthia knows which 4 weeks you are paying for.

Ms. Cynthia will prorate the tuition for students who are starting in the middle of these tuition schedules.  This means that your tuition for that period will be less than the regularly scheduled tuition due on normally scheduled weeks.

Schedule Changes

Students are expected to keep track of their lesson availability.  If you need to make changes in your schedule please contact Ms. Cynthia at least one week or lesson ahead of time.   Please see Studio Policies for more details.

Keeping a steady lesson schedule promotes progress.  There are times when everyone needs to do a Make Up Lesson.  Please be considerate of others in the studio by letting Ms. Cynthia know of your schedule changes as early as possible.  It is confusing for all concerned when schedules are constantly changing.  Plan carefully before making schedule changes or changing your Lesson Time permanently.


Tuition Calendar



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